CILEx – A correction

The ACL would like to apologise for any confusion caused by an article, and comments made, last week which inferred a change to CILEx’s regulatory arrangements and the process for qualification as a Chartered Legal Executive. Such a change has not taken place. 

To clarify: 

CILEx has, for several years, applied policies and processes to enable recognition of appropriate prior certificated learning considered to be equivalent to units in the CILEx professional qualifications. CILEx accepts exemption applications to help ensure that students do not need to repeat learning that they have gained previously. The published CILEx Exemption Policy sets out the rules and processes which relate to exemption applications. 

The Costs Lawyer qualification is not a Listed Exemption and therefore any application in relation to this qualification would be, and has been, dealt with on an individual basis, using the CILEx Unlisted Exemption application process. 

A recent enquiry was made to CILEx to request a mapping exercise to establish whether an unlisted exemption application might be available for an individual who has completed the Costs Lawyer qualification, and the results of this exercise have been passed to the individual concerned. 

As the Costs Lawyer qualification is not a Listed Exemption, any application in relation to it should be made as an Unlisted Exemption application and will be dealt with on an individual basis, with each application assessed on the evidence of prior learning submitted by the applicant at that time.

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13 Nov 2018

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