News in brief – 03.03.2022

Jack Ridgway takes over as acting ACL chair after Claire Green stands down

Claire Green stood down as ACL chair at last week’s council meeting. The council wants to put on record, on behalf of the entire Association, its gratitude at the commitment, hard work and enthusiasm that Claire brought to the role over a difficult period for the profession.

She has encouraged a lot of new blood onto the council and leaves it in a good position to renew the ACL’s agenda as an influential voice in the costs world.

Jack Ridgway was formally appointed vice-chair at the meeting and will be acting chair until formally taking over the role on 3 May.


Have you caught up with the new issue of Costs Lawyer yet?

The latest issue of Costs Lawyer magazine is now available for members to read here

It features the never-ending saga that is part 36, the pitfalls of detailed and summary assessments, and various aspects of costs recovery, as well as wise advice from Professor Dominic Regan to not panic about the impact of various upcoming and potential costs reforms.


Tribunal procedure committee to change costs rule on CAAD appeals

The tribunal procedure committee (TPC) has decided to press ahead with a change to rule 10(6) of the Tribunal Procedure (Upper Tribunal) (Lands Chamber) Rules 2010, which would add so-called CAAD appeals under the Land Compensation Act 1961 to the list of proceedings in which the Upper Tribunal has power to award costs.

The Ministry of Justice received only two responses to its consultation, from the Planning and Environmental Law Bar Association (PEBA) and Transport for London, Legal, both of which broadly supported the change.

In the consultation response, the TPC said the introduction of costs-shifting powers in CAAD appeals was “consistent with the general position which applies to compulsory purchase” in the Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber (UTLC).

“Indeed, there is evidence that costs-shifting was the usual practice of the UTLC in many CAAD appeals before the Leech Homes appeal. As far as access to justice is concerned, PEBA rightly emphasises that the UTLC has developed a suite of costs control powers as a response to such considerations.”

The TPC said it would submit the new rule to the Lord Chancellor with the intention that, if approved, it could be contained in a statutory instrument made in spring 2022.

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