News in brief – 23.11.2017

CLSB clears path to Scotland for Costs Lawyers

Costs Lawyers can qualify to be registered as a foreign lawyer in Scotland, the Costs Lawyer Standards Board (CLSB) has announced, after it made a successful application for recognition by the Law Society of Scotland.

A CLSB-regulated Costs Lawyer would be required to satisfy the society that they have not less than five years in aggregate of qualifying employment experience, and a certificate of good standing issued by the CLSB.

Under the new arrangement, the CLSB is required to notify the Law Society of Scotland in the event it becomes aware the statements made in the most recent certificate “would no longer be true if the certificate were to be issued again”. The CLSB said it has introduced processes to ensure compliance with this.


Bar Pro Bono Unit seeks Costs Lawyer help

The Bar Pro Bono Unit has been in touch with the ACL to ask if there are any Costs Lawyers willing to offer their services to handle any of three particular cases it is dealing with. Anyone interested should email and also say that they found out about the case through the ACL.

In broad terms, the three cases involve: an ongoing appeal against unlawful eviction in which the applicant is now seeking advice on an application for costs connected to a charging order; advice on the costs in a long-running case against the head lessee of a property; and advice and representation at a small claims mediation regarding a costs claim.


Robbins joins CCCL

Well-known Costs Lawyer Fred Robbins has joined Civil and Commercial Costs Lawyers (CCCL), together with newly qualified Costs Lawyer David Vella-Bailey. Mr Robins was previously a director of Manchester costs firm RMR Legal, which he ran for 30 years.

CCCL managing director Andrew Thomas said: “I have known Fred for many years. He is a formidable advocate and well-respected Costs Lawyer. His acquisition demonstrates our commitment to continued growth in our practice in Manchester and the North West.”


Court of Appeal to get into part 36

The appeal in Hislop v Perde – dealing with the contentious issue of the costs consequences of late acceptance of a claimant’s part 36 offer in a fixed costs case subject to part 45 – has been listed at the Court of Appeal alongside Kaur v Committee for the time being of Ramgarhia Board Leicester, according to a tweet yesterday by Sean Linley of leading costs firm PIC.

He said Kaur was a case where the defendant sought to avoid the risk of paying indemnity costs by making their own increased part 36 offer to the claimant.

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