Reaction to Jackson Report

Reaction to Jackson report by David Cooper, council member of the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL):

“Lord Justice Jackson has, as he promised, looked to complete the unfinished business of his original report. Costs Lawyers have put a lot of work into making the costs management regime work over the past four years and, while we all recognise that there are still improvements to be made, he is right to recognise that it now largely works to the benefit of parties and access to justice alike.”

“It has long seemed inevitable that the fast-track would be covered by a comprehensive fixed recoverable costs regime, but Sir Rupert is right to recommend that any extension beyond that be done is careful and measured way.”

“It is tricky to strike the balance between ensuring that litigation is not prohibitively expensive while also making it economic for lawyers, and Jackson LJ appears to have had that at the forefront of his mind is putting forward a balanced package of reform. The ACL looks forward to continuing its role in the reform process as it becomes reality.”

ACL chairman Iain Stark, a partner at Weightmans, was one of Lord Justice Jackson’s assessors.

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31 Jul 2017

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