Response from the ACL on Guideline Hourly Rates after the Master of the Rolls accepts changes

Responding to the announcement that the Master of the Rolls has accepted the changes recommended by the Civil Justice Council working group on guideline hourly rates, Association of Costs Lawyers chair Claire Green says: 

“It is unarguable that the GHRs need to be increased after an 11-year freeze, so it is welcome news that the Master of the Rolls is intent on getting them implemented so soon. I am also heartened that there won’t be an another 11 year wait until the next review, with the Master indicating a further review in two years’ time. 

“As a result of the review, we are particularly pleased that qualified Costs Lawyers are now eligible for payment at grades B or C depending on the complexity of the work done – rather than allowing no higher than grade D – along with the recognition that it may in the future be appropriate to align Costs Lawyers with solicitors and legal executives across all grades. This is good news for Costs Lawyers.”



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19 Aug 2021

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